How often does an opportunity come along to build cutting edge products that will end
up in the hands of millions of mobile users around the world AND shape the future of
the booming mobile entertainment industry? airG has just that opportunity.

Through developing the best mobile social entertainment solutions in the market and working with more than 100 mobile operators globally, airG is at the forefront of this exciting industry and we are always looking for talented and creative people to join our team.


As airG continues to grow we are looking for the best and brightest people to
join our team. We have a three step recruitment process that has been designed to test
your skills and overall fit with the company. Here’s how the recruitment process works.

Step 1: Telephone Interview
We’ll start with a brief phone interview to get a sense of your communication skills and
background. This is your chance to tell us about your interests and career objectives,
as well as highlight your education and relevant experience for the position.

Step 2: In-Person Interview
Depending on the role you are applying for and the outcome of your initial telephone
interview, you may go through more than one in-person interview. Some positions will
require you to meet with a number of key individuals at airG. Each interview will consist of a series of questions that focus on your past work experience, problem-solving abilities and overall team fit.

Step 3: Testing
For technical positions you will be tested on your programming skills, and for non-technical
positions you will be tested on your skills and ability to think strategically. Depending on the position, some tests may take up to three hours or more.




View our current job openings and learn
more about working at airG.



We currently offer Co-Op placements through SFU, UBC, UVIC and BCIT. Programs begin January, May and September for eight month contracts. If you are interested in a Co-Op position at airG, please contact the Co-Op Coordinators at these schools directly.