Tips and Etiquette

Chatting online is different from chatting in real life. Here are some tips to help make sure the community is a fun and safe place for everyone.
Think before you send. Don’t post any messages you aren’t comfortable saying in public and wouldn’t want the entire community to see.
Get with the lingo! Understand what you are sending and receiving. Click here for more information about text lingo.
Respect. Always treat other community members with respect.
Don't write in capital letters. This is considered ‘YELLING’.
Don't post messages when you are angry. You may regret sending an angry message. Wait until you are calm and re-think your tone.
It is illegal to threaten, intimidate or harass other people. It is illegal to threaten people over the Internet, via email, in person or on the phone.
Be cautious in your interactions with others. Some people might misunderstand the comments, jokes and pictures that you post and send – even the username that you use.
Emoticons can help you communicate better. The use of ‘smileys’ or emoticons can help to communicate your tone more clearly. (link or list the available smileys)