Though we have grown to be a multi-national corporation with a strong balance sheet – we remain true to our formative entrepreneurial roots. Our commercial success comes through financing our teams to take big risks – and challenging them to work in small autonomous groups to solve complex problems. Each product team is supported by seasoned sales, creative, legal, and business development teams maximizing the probability of commercial success. At airG, we are not afraid of building products that may fail – we're more afraid of missing opportunities by not trying. 

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Why Join airG?

Frederick Ghahramani - Founder, Managing Director

This is the part of the website where I try to pitch you that you should consider joining our evil empire to help us expand globally. I could try to do this by looking backwards and saying – “hey look, many start-ups in Vancouver have come and gone, but airG’s been around for almost 15 years, so obviously we’re doing something right!” – But personally I don’t find this very convincing for as we all know, our industry moves very quickly, and the moment you rest on your laurels and balance sheet, is the moment you’ve become the next Betamax.

Perhaps I could convince you to apply by highlighting that our office boasts only the most scrumptious organic gluten free food, hand grown in local fair trade herb gardens which are irrigated solely by the tears of the most patronizing Champagne socialists, or that our Zen meditation studio was constructed using the latest Feng Shui construction methodologies… but we both know none of that is true, nor will any such distractions help you grow in your career.

At the end of the day, I hope what will convince you to join airG is our no-bullshit approach to doing business, building products, and taking risks. Our entrepreneurial culture gives motivated people a chance to step up and excel in their work and we disproportionately reward performance and results. So let’s not look backwards 15 years, but forwards to the next 15 years, where you can be a part of airG's ambitious team and launch some of the most innovative consumer products in the marketplace.

Emily Chew - Art Director

Most Vancouver start-ups are formed by software engineers, and most software engineers view design and branding as the 'final' stages of a product build-out. Many times I've heard "that's just art, we'll do it at the end". While it's taken a long time to change the mindset of the founders of airG (who were all originally engineers and can't be blamed!), our team of creative problem solvers now has a material role in the ideation and formation of new product initiatives at airG. Most importantly we don't just come in 'at the end', we're also at the table early and challenging Fred and his teams to better formulate key product value propositions. If you have a consumer-focused design background and are looking to join a growing team with a real influence on business, I'd love to hear from you at:

Terence Lee - Vice President, Product

My product and integrations teams are unlike any other "start-up" technology team in Vancouver. We have the luxury of learning new things by pushing into new markets and technologies, but we also work predominantly on products that have already been proven in the marketplace. This means our products already have millions of customers, a revenue run rate, and our job is to drive their continued growth and expansion through our channel partners. If you're interested in a software career that provides both stability and growth, and every day you get a kick out of solving problems, executing, and getting results, then I'd love to have you on my team. Please reach out to me via email at: .

Ben Tang - Head of airGames

The origin of our team literally started out as a joke. We joked about farming innuendos and how it would be really cool to put that into a game. A few pitches later, Big Barn World was approved and the product was in development. That was 4 years ago. Today, we continue to maintain the 'if it's cool, and it makes money, then do it' mentality. We code at an insane speed where we can conceive an idea, implement it and launch it on the very same day to our loyal audience of customers. If you love product and enjoy a fast paced development environment, I'd love to have you on our team, please get in touch through our hr team at: . Bonus points given to those who love gaming!

Don Roth - Director of Research & Development

I help Fred and airG identify new technologies and transfer them into products and services. I bring to the table over 30 years of professional engineering experience in the telecom, communications, and consumer software industries. Most importantly, I aim to be a sounding board for our younger team members and to provide some longer term engineering considerations to all our product initiatives. Should you join the airG team, I would always be happy to go for a coffee and run through your ideas and challenge your technical assumptions.

airG is a pioneer in the mobile software industry having released its first mobile application in 2000. Since then the company’s products and services have been used by over 100 million consumers globally, generating more than $1 billion in revenues.

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